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Barrel Room at Piattelli Vineyards, Cafayate, Argentina


Robert Mondavi in his book" Harvests of Joy", stresses the importance of cleanliness in the winery. Your wine on tap barrel requires scheduled cleaning, approximately once every 3 months. We've made it effortless to sterilize the tubing, spigot, and connections in your barrel. Follow the simple instructions and you will enjoy estate quality wine that you've come to expect from our Wine-Fresh Barrel. 


Included in your barrel purchase is a cleaning bottle designed to sterilize and kill any bacterial build-up in the connectors, lines and spigot in the barrel. Your barrel should be cleaned every three to four months or if it has been out of service for a period of time. Unscrew the top of your cleaning bottle and fill it with isopropyl 91% rubbing  alcohol. This product can be purchased at any local drugstore.


Slide the bottle in as you would an insert, line up the connector and snap the two together. Place a small cup under front spigot squeeze the bottle firmly then open the spigot until you see a steady flow of the isopropyl coming out at which time close the handle quickly. Allow the isopropyl to rest in the system for approximately 12 minutes. Place the small cup under the spigot and squeeze the bottle firmly several times with the spigot open flushing all of the isopropyl into the cup.


Close the spigot and flush the lines 3 times, filling the bottle using warm tap water, repeat 3 times. The water does not have to rest in the lines. The water is to wash the system clean from any taste or odor of isopropyl. Remember to close the spigot each time you flush the system. Install the new insert and check the front spigot again to make sure it's closed. You are now ready to enjoy our Estate wines...cheers.

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